Carlson Veterinary Hospital Small Animals Services:

small animals

Carlson Veterinary Hospital has a full range of diagnostic and surgical facilities to care for your pet. We are here for you and your dog or cat. Please see below for a partial list of our service.

  Preventive Exam

Dogs and cats should have yearly “checkups”. This is especially important as your pet ages. Remember a year for us is 4-8 for your pet.

  Diagnostic Exams

For pets that are ill, we have both in house laboratory and outside labs.


We recommend the appropriate vaccinations to protect your pet based on age and environment.

  Routine Surgeries

Our routine surgeries are competitively priced. All animals are monitored by our techs and EKG. On older dogs pre-anesthetic blood work is recommended and available in house.

  Laser Surgery

We offer a CO2 laser for surgeries. This is especially helpful cat declaws. Laser surgery decreases pain and eliminates bleeding and the need for bandaging.

  Orthopedic Surgery

In the unfortunate event that your pet has an orthopedic injury, we are fully equipped to make them whole again. From splints, casts to plates and pins, we can repair injury. A very common injury is cranial cruciate rupture. There are several repair methods. The external capsular repair is the most common procedure. Carlson Veterinary also offers TTA which is superior for larger dogs.


Tired of terrible breath from your pet? This is likely caused by dental problems. Most pets need yearly dental exam and cleaning. We use ultrasonic scaler and then polish them.

  Equipment Available

Carlson Veterinary Hospital Has remained current with modern equipment. We have available Digital X-ray machines, ultrasound, endoscopy, radiosurgery, modern gas anesthesia machines, EKC IDEXX blood machines.

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