Carlson Veterinary Hospital Equine Services:


Carlson Veterinary Hospital is a fully equipped equine hospital. We offer a full range of services for your horse. From vaccination to wound repair we stand ready to care for your horse. Please browse this expandable partial list of our services.

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  General Exams

CVH performs general exams for Internal medicine, Dermatology, and Ophthalmology.

  Lameness Exams

Lameness caused by joint or tendon pain is a common problem in horses. CVH is available to treat this by first diagnosing the problems with nerve/joint blocks, gait evaluation, radiology, and ultrasound.

  Purchase Exams

When buying a horse remember to have him/her examined for potential problems that may not be apparent. An exam may uncover health or lameness problems that could be avoided.

  Colic Physical Exams, Medical Treatment, Surgery

CVH is ready to diagnose and treat your horse through the crisis.We provide both medical and surgical care.

  Reproductive Exams

Foal in your future? CVH provides ultrasound, reproductive exams as well as Artificial Insemination and foal care.


CVH will consult with you to properly vaccinate your horse to protect them from disease based on age and risk.


CVH performs a variety of surgeries:
Wound repair
Angular/Contracted legs of foals
Arthroscopy- Chip/OCD removal
Fracture repair
Colic surgery
Castration/Cryptorchid Surgery
Hernia repair
General surgery


CVH has a wide variety of equipment to help in Treating/Diagnosing your horse.

In House Labs
Endoscope- for upper respiratory disease
Arthroscopy- for joint treatment
IRAP- for joint treatment
ACP (PRP)- for joint and tendon repair
Bone plating equipment
Inhalation anesthesia
EKG- to monitor the heart thru surgery
Blood pressure monitoring thru surgery
Digital X-ray Machine


CVH has modern powered dental floats. This procedure can be performed in the Clinic or on the Farm/Stable. CVH has portable stocks for your horses safety and comfort.


CVH is available to visit your stable for examinations, vaccinations, coggins, and health papers for your convenience.

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